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Handel: Messiah
Handel: Messiah 25/12/2014
The Liturgical series
La Rondine - Towards Opening
La Rondine - Towards Opening 03/01/2015
La Rondine - Towards Opening
<STRONG><FONT face=Arial>La Rondine</FONT></STRONG>
La Rondine 09/01/2015 To 23/01/2015
romantic love be genuine and blossom? Puccini presents a touching love story about a boy and a girl who fall in love but are not able live happily ever after replete. with beautiful arias in his own personal magical style.
<STRONG><FONT face=Arial>La Rondine</FONT></STRONG>
La Rondine 10/01/2015 To 24/01/2015
New Orleans born Christian Scott is one of the new jazz stars on the block, a young trumpet player whose original music has influences of rock, hip hop and R&B.
Zurich Ballet - Romeo and Juliet
Zurich Ballet - Romeo and Juliet 29/01/2015 To 01/02/2015
75 performers bring to life the touching love story of all time – Shakespeare's young lovers from Verona. Spuck's new production for the wonderful dancers of the Zurich Ballet features the drama of the story through energetic and beautiful dancing.
The childhood story of Igor Stravinsky
The childhood story of Igor Stravinsky 02/02/2015 To 05/02/2015
The childhood story of Igor Stravinsky
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